Backyard Solar Grant

A solar grant program for community organizations 

The 2024 Backyard Solar Grant Application is Now Open!

The MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant fosters access to solar power for Madison-based community organizations and affordable housing providers that serve City of Madison residents. Through an expansion of the MadiSUN solar program funded by the City of Madison, the Backyard Solar program awards grants to non-profit organizations or affordable housing providers to assist them in installing solar systems.

Grants will fund $250 for every 1 kilowatt of solar energy installed, with a maximum grant amount of $10,000 for solar installations of less than 100 kilowatts. Solar installations equal to or more than 100 kilowatts can receive a maximum grant amount of $15,000. $50,000 of total grant funds are available. Organizations receiving a grant have 12 months to complete their solar projects.

This grant competition is intended to serve diverse, low-income residents and neighborhoods. Applications will be evaluated based on need, diversity of communities served, and organizational reach.  Organizations receiving grants must agree to participate in a ribbon cutting or education session about solar.


How do I apply?

Before you apply for a Backyard Solar grant, take some time to learn about solar energy and evaluate whether this is a good idea for your organization.

Get a site assessment from one or more reputable solar companies. Determine which company you will work with and identify the size and cost of the project you will install.

Apply for a grant. Applications must be submitted through the online application form. Emailed or mailed-in application forms will not be reviewed.


If your application is selected:

Accept your award by signing our MOU. Your document will be customized, but you can view a sample MOU HERE.

If you haven’t already, sign your contract with your solar company and give us a copy of your contract and proposal.

Execute your fundraising campaign. We require you to check in with us at 6 months and show that you are on track to meet your funding goal. If you are not on track, we will work with you to find a solution.

Work with your solar contractor to complete installation of the solar project within 12 months. RENEW Wisconsin will disburse your grant once we verify that your solar project is installed and interconnected

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